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About Zetatex

Located in Taiwan, Zetatex Co., Ltd. is a textile company that specialises in both woven and knit fabrics. Our team has over 30 years of textile experience.

With our own dyeing and finishing mill allows us to manufacture our fabrics in the highest quality. We have gained a fine reputation from our excellent services.

Our China production base allows us fulfill our product range and provide a more economical product to our client. Although we do not have our own mill in China, our knowledge and experience allows us to outsource production and control our quality as it was from our own mill.

We focus on the development of innovative fabrics and provide a significant difference by adding value to our clients’ final product. We take responsibility on what we deliver, and our response are always prompt.

We guarantee that you will fall in lust with our fabulous fabrics the moment you reviewed our collection. Join us for your seasonal development needs, casual browsing, or simply just wanna be inspired.

Made in Taiwan Taiwan Production Base

Located in Taoyuan, our fabric mill is capable to produce synthetic woven and knit fabrics in the highest quality. We have been subcontracted by suppliers who deliver to top tier brands such as Nike and adidas. By producing in Taiwan, we have access to the diverse finishes that Taiwanese textile has to offer.

Made in China China Production base

Located mainly around Suzhou and Xiamen, our contracted fabric mill is capable to produce both woven and knit fabrics in the highest quality.

We carefully and strictly selected our dyeing and finishing mills to share our textile knowledge and expertise in order to produce and control our fabrics in the highest quality.

With our China production base, it reinforces our natural items.